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Embark on a heroic journey into the demented mind of an NFT and Web 3.0 evangelist to learn about the innovation, the community benefits, and the crowdsourced value of the first-ever social token to implement a direct and tangible link to a growing reserve of fungible and nonfungible assets. Along the way, you'll learn a thing or two about composability in defi, the advantages of establishing a project as 'chain-agnostic' and even make a detour through the bright afternoon sun of ReFi Summer. And then, to ensure you're paying attention to the expansive plans for the $DOWN social token, the holder community and the $DOWN DAO, you'll be introduced to a never-before-seen tokenomics strategy dubbed "quantum compounding". Yeah. We're gonna get weird. Are you ready?

If you have 20 minutes, you'd do well to peruse the $DOWN whitepaper before going much further. Additional information can be found on BruceTheGoose's website, on the tokenomics page. All of the most important links (currently) can be found at this link.

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